Ken's retreat programme

Due to his advanced prostate cancer, Ken is no longer able to sustain leadership of week-long retreats, though can still handle weekend events, preferably with a partner. Below are details of such a retreat in September 2015 -- though with very restricted participation, unfortunately. Ken's retreats have five things in common.
  • First, as enjoined by the Buddha, the practice I teach is focussed on the self, leading to growing ease with ourselves and with others and a steady ripening of wisdom.
  • Secondly, my practice is of an “Everyday Buddhism” founded on the ups and downs of our ordinary lives.
  • Thirdly, I like to arrange retreats so that, as far as practicable, each retreatant can develop their practice to suit their individual experience, and personality.
  • Fourthly, opportunities for interaction in pairs or small groups is a feature of all my retreats.
  • Fifthly, there is always an in-the-body dimension to a retreat, combined with a bit of playfulness.

As a great Chinese Zen poem enjoins: “Follow your nature and accord with the Way; saunter along and stop worrying”.

September 4-6 in Beckley, East Sussex
A Zen/Sufi joint practice retreat

Weekend retreat with Ken Jones and Kim Shams Richardson.

Retreat Information: This silent retreat is about making a work of art of our lives through the Great Way of spiritual practice. The event is hospitable to all inner path seekers, including complete beginners. Our work will begin with an awareness of the needy and fearful self, the start of an awakening to a profound easefulness within and with others. This is an awakening  to a compassion which already lies within us. Talks, small group interaction, interviews, body work and meditations, zazen, sufi wasifa and zikr (mantra) practices. It will help if you have read Ken Jones’s paper “How to do Everyday Buddhism.”

Retreat leaders: Ken Jones is a Zen teacher of over 40-years standing, leading retreats with the Western Chan Fellowship and other sanghas. Kim Shams Richardson is a Representative in the Sufi Order, and regularly leads retreats in the UK, Peru, Ireland and the desert.

Dates: 4th to 6th September 2015. Friday 6pm (incl.supper) to Sunday 4pm

Venue: Cherry Hinton Retreat Centre, Beckley, East Sussex,  (approximately 90 minutes from London). The nearest railway stations are Robertsbridge, Battle, or Rye from which lifts/taxis can be arranged. More transport info is available on the Cherry Hinton website

Cost: £190 (covers accommodation and food). Dana/teacher support at participants’ discretion.  Numbers limited to 15; early booking recommended

Bookings: Tel: 01797253485 or email: